Strategy Director


I am a triangle. A proud resident of the hyphen between Vietnamese and American. A self-professed Tolkien addict that yearns to find his Shire. ¶ I’ve made a career bridging the gap between who brands are and who they want to be. I’ve turned small projects into creative opportunities. I’ve made uninspiring products inspiring briefs. I’ve helped massive conglomerates walk the walk. I care about the work, just as much as you do. ¶

I’ve had the good fortune of helping create work I’m proud of: Launching hum, Verizon’s first IoT device (hailed as “a teen driver’s worst nightmare,” natch.) Making it rain in Harlem. Inspiring a new way for New Yorkers to dream of winning the lottery. And helping a hospitality company act like an entertainment brand. ¶ Thank you for checking out my site.

- alex