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b. 1986, HK.





I'm just a kid from Queens. 



Alex is currently a Strategy Director at Johannes Leonardo working on VW.

He has held various posts at McCann New York and Publicis New York, launching a connected car product for Verizon, relaunching Take5 for the New York Lottery, repositioning billion-dollar properties for MGM Resorts, and introducing the Citi Bike program to Miami.

Formerly a copywriter, Alex started his career in Vietnam and transitioned to strategy, going on to lead national strategic development on brands such as Australia Network, Heineken, PepsiCo, and Unilever.



“Alex worked for me at McCann New York on the MGM business. Here’s what makes Alex worth his weight in gold. Some planners can do rigor, but can’t break it down. Some planners can do reduction, but sacrifice substance. And some planners can do both, but lack the romance that can make a brief sing. Alex can do all three - rigor, reduction and romance. He’s also a great guy, a movie maven and a pure soul. I hope to work with him again someday.”

- Gordon Gerard McLean, Group Strategy Director, Apple

“Alex offers a complete package of modern Strategic thinking: culturally insightful, comfortable in any channel, constantly curious, naturally unpretentious. He can tell a good story and rest it upon substance. He collaborates with the best of 'em—particularly among creatives, where he cares about and leads the whirling pursuit of original ideas. He makes amazing tea, respects footwear, and has been known to actually pull off wearing a bicycle cap. Need I say more?”

- Dan Bollin, Chief Strategy Officer, Velocity

“When Alex joined us as a principal planner, Sofresh's goal was to build an even stronger digital presence in Vietnam. Two years later, Sofresh won Gold for Vietnam Digital Agency and Silver for Vietnam Creative Agency. We quadrupled in size. We moved to a bigger office. His drive, determination and partnership helped make that possible.”

- Justin Cohen, Co-Founder, Sofresh (now Mirum, as acquired by WPP)

“Alex is a magnificent leader, able to bring a team along the journey with him (junior and senior), he can sell his work and his ideas, and he’s true team player, always open to new ideas and perspectives. New business is hard. Crafting a pitch story is hard. Very few people can do it. Alex can.”

- Lyndsey Corona, Chief Growth Officer, McCann NY

“Alex defines the role of the perfect planner. He is an amazing leader and collaborator, always open to new ideas and perspectives. He has a solid strategic mind and an amazing design sensibility. He possesses the drive to always make something better.”

- David Mashburn & George Katz, Co-Directors of Design, McCann NY

“Being open to working with someone hand in hand to make the work better: this is something that comes naturally to Alex. He is one of the few people I know that is not precious about his work, he just wants to make it great. He lets you join the process, participate, build upon what he already has or throw out a completely new idea -- all while making you feel like you have skin in the game and without making you feel like your opinion is less valued.”

- Alejandra Santamaría, Account Director, McCann NY

“Rarely does one find a strategist like Alex. He has a knack of understanding the desired creative end product. He has the frame of reference not usual to the discipline. He is a creative's strategist, in the simplest words.”

- Carlos Wigle, Creative Director, McCann NY

“The more I work in this industry, the easier it is to find peers willing to submit to the ever-present impulse to settle. Alex doesn’t. This job can often descend into category of work, and what keeps it stimulating are those who treat it as a craft. Those who know that how the story is told is just as important as the story being told. Those who absolutely must find the right piece of evidence to support a point. Those who obsessively rewrite the same idea over and over again, more provocatively, and in less words.”

- Anthony Perez, Strategy Director, McCann NY



Finalist. Jay Chiat Award Regional Strategy, 2018
“Every Day is Monumental”, MGM National Harbor

Finalist. Jay Chiat Award Regional Strategy, 2017
“How Would You Spend It?”, New York Lottery

Editor’s Pick. Creativity-Online, April 2017
Cash Court, New York Lottery’s Champions of Cash

Editor’s Pick. LBB Online, April 2017
Cash Court, New York Lottery’s Champions of Cash

Finalist. North American Effie Award, 2016
“How Verizon Vehicle Became hum”, hum by Verizon

Gold. FCS Awards 2014, Social Media: Thank You
Silver. FCS Awards 2014, Social Media: Closer to Pro
Bronze. FCS Awards 2014, Event Marketing: Citibike Miami

Silver. Campaign Asia Digital Agency of the Year, 2013
Gold. Campaign Asia Digital Agency of the Year, 2012
Silver. Campaign Asia Creative Agency of the Year, 2012

Honoree. Webby Awards, 2012
“Share your E’mos Moment”



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